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Wellmond is a Division of Wellstat Therapeutics Corporation with a platform and technologies that address clinical applications across a wide variety of major unmet medical needs. Broadly, these indications fall into two major categories: Oncology and Oncology Supportive Care and Energy Deficit Disorders.

Wellmond’s Therapeutic Approach

Wellmond has portfolio of proprietary therapeutic agents that exploit well-validated mechanisms of action to address major diseases and disorders.

These disorders are characterized by 1) oncology care by improving outcomes and treatment safety for many cancer patients; and 2) energy failure in the brain and other critical organs.

Our portfolio of therapeutic agents has been optimized for specific disorders with extensive preclinical and clinical experience in patients with a goal of demonstrating an exceptional safety profile.

The Oncology and Supportive Care franchise includes FDA-approved therapies, now in commercialization. Three additional indications in our oncology franchise are based on the same clinically validated mechanism of action as our approved therapies.

Oncology and Supportive Care

Clinical studies with our uridine platform have demonstrated success in its ability to counteract severe toxicity or overdoses of certain chemotherapy agents by competing with their toxic metabolites and accelerating their clearance from the body.

Wellmond is creating new products and indications that will apply our platform’s clinically validated mechanism of action to common toxicities encountered in routine cancer care.

These products under development include:
• a topical gel for prevention and treatment of capecitabine-induced hand-foot syndrome;
• an oral rinse for prevention and treatment of stomatitis and mucositis as a result of certain chemotherapy regimens; and
• an orally administered therapeutic agent designed to reduce the cumulative toxicities of routine chemotherapy, thus avoiding the need for dose reduction or interruption, intended to improve both chemotherapy safety and tumor control.

Energy Deficit Disorders

Impaired mitochondrial reserve energy capacity underlies pathology in a number of disease conditions. This impairment can result in vulnerability to tissue damage and organ dysfunction, particularly those with high energy demands, such as the brain, heart, muscles, kidneys and retinas. Wellmond scientists have devised agents to amplify mitochondrial reserve energy capacity, regardless of the specific molecular defects or conditions that impair mitochondrial function. These agents, tailored to specific disease conditions, can be applied to several important categories of Energy
Deficit Disorders:

Orphan Mitochondrial Disorders

These are genetic disorders largely driven by cellular energy failure. The impaired energy reserve capacity results in chronic energy insufficiency with risk of acute, irreversible neurodegeneration when energy demands exceed capacity. Wellmond’s disease targets include Epilepsy, Myopathy, Down Syndrome Dementia, and Huntington’s disease which together affect over 165,000 people in the US.

Age-related Diseases

Wellmond is developing agents to address age-related decline in mitochondrial reserve energy capacity which contributes to neurodegeneration and neuromuscular failure. These conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Age-Related Sarcopenia (muscle weakness and loss of mobility), cumulatively affecting over 24 million people in the US.

Acute Brain Injuries

Acute Brain injury results in a period of extreme vulnerability to secondary injury (brain swelling and neuron death) due to mitochondrial failure. Wellmond is targeting Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke and Asphyxia which affect over 4 million patients in the US.

Wellmond’s therapeutic platform aims to maximize reserve energy capacity in cells and organs, reducing the risk of energy failure, slowing the dysfunction or death of critical cells over time.

Our Potential is Our Purpose

Wellmond is committed to unlocking the potential of our proprietary uridine product platforms to treat major unmet medical needs. We are purpose driven. Our Pipeline includes varied clinical targets and therapeutic approaches.

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